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“There was a long time when Star Wars was nice”,

“When their space battles were great and their far worlds inviting”,

“When the force was bright and its whisper was a song and the lightsaber was exciting”,

 “There was a long time …then it all went wrong.”

3 months since SW VII was released worldwide, I could watch it at the theatre in Belgium and it is terrible although it is a decent space movie. As a staunch fan, I understand why George Lucas who had seen the film before its official release said "it was the worst episode that we could have done to his saga." But why on earth did you have to sell your baby, George??? Aren’t you enough rich to despise money after all?

The plus (not very much…):

  • Meeting the old team again was nice for 10 minutes...
  • BB-8 skyrocks
  • Some of the soundtracks
  • The sound and special effects
  • Alas, only details

The less (so much to say):

  • Tremendous lack of creativity in a large sense and plagiarism. Reusing the death star looks like to be a big misstep as well as the idea of the dark side and the Empire (or first order, the same anyway) as well. The need to return to the original trilogy roots was alright but this plot is far too close and failed to differentiate in its own fashion. It is basically the same episode as “A new hope” although vastly amplified. The snake is biting its tail because one pulls on the same string. Would have been better to avoid utilizing the Siths once more time for they are destroyed forever at the end of SW VI and the dark side no longer exists. SW VI represented the return to the equilibrium of the force and all immoral emotions were allayed. By re-initiating the dark side, the team in charge of this suite engages into a loop leading to postponing the definitive end that might never shows up because of money lust. Is it too hard to draft a decent script? This Disney space opera is a pompous and uninspired cash machine. 200 000 000 $ for that crap, no wonder it hurts. (There is literature addressing a possible outcome after SW VI and one topic which deserved some interest was the introduction of an outside galaxy threat insensible to force, how could a Jedi tackles a foe perfectly unmoved by the force?). 
  • Terrible lightsaber combats as well as preposterous red light sword; truly fanciful and unnecessary in combat. The staff in charge really took sith lords for stupid dummies. Dooku is SW II also wielded a nearly ridiculous saber but even so; it was still not as ridiculous as kylo ren’s weapon. It is certainly an example demonstrating the stupidity of some of our immature and impatient youth as Kylo seems to represent. So childish unfortunately. Is this the Disney dark side? I believe the best SW lightsaber fights happened in episode I when the protagonists exhibited stunning choreographed martial arts. Darth Maul’s saber was not fancy for it was twice as dangerous to master and more deadly. Obi-wan performance was one of the best with Windu in episode III. I personally bet that the rise of computer graphics and robust scenography in concert was never much more all-inclusive than in 1999. Matrix did also expose such martial arts quintessence that year.
  • The dark lord master Snoke is a golum-like badass. At least, Palpatine in the prequel was an interesting antagonist with much more meaningful sayings. His intriguing actions along the prequels had lot of savors especially in SW III. I am not one of those who deem the prequels were bad either. Although these are not as cheerful as the core trilogy. I find it more than correct, but mostly it remains broadly in the SW atmosphere. Besides, I was expecting a darker side again, to show the gradual shift of Darth Vader. We must not forget that Anakin's mind was "tortured" which led him to the dark side. Palpatine acted gradually to take the place of a father and pivoted Anakin to his side. Obi-Wan was the second father figure to Anakin. Finally, Anakin finds himself torn between his two adoptive fathers Obi-Wan and Palpatine. You know the rest. Kylo ren is an Anakin immature version with displays of ridiculous and misrepresented affectivity whilst Snoke hardly match Palpatine in plotting.
  • Ray who uses the force almost instantly…WAW!!! She has such a great affinity and more, when she is kidnapped and interrogated by Kylo Ren, she resists him pretty much astonishingly. Plus, while she is strapped into the interrogation room she asks a Stormtrooper to detach her. How does she know that the force allows doing that while she never saw anyone do it before? How does she know she has the force at all as she has never had any shows before? Later, Rey attracted Finn’s lightsaber dropped 15 meters from her. Even Luke Skywalker, who followed hard trainings, puts 3 long minutes to do the same as his sword is less than 2 meters from him at the beginning of Star Wars Episode V. Luke had to learn to become a Jedi through a long process, and that learning was finally validated by the ultimate test, facing his father (sounds like 'kill the father' in Freudian analysis, bah). But hey, outside the force, she manages to pilot the Falcon as a pro, yet even she admits she does only drive sand scooters. Moreover, she found the falcon abandoned for years but with the open gateway, contact (neon lights inside are on) and took off without relatively too much difficulty (well known for that the falcon). One of the wrongdoings in episode 1, 2, 3 and 7 (the worst here) is that the initiatory path was deleted in favor of a simple spectacle of special effects without a credible story. The narrative is impoverishing again and again. And this political marketing, this idea to just put a woman, a black or a gay in a movie for it to work and that we dare not criticize the intrinsic qualities of the film, history, for fear of being labeled racist / misogynist. That is blatantly dishonest and violently intolerant.
  • The paradox is that it is better not to have seen the original trilogy to appreciate it. Otherwise one cannot help but compare. So much for the new generation, less for the former. Star Wars is almost 40 years, so let this saga evolves with today trends? OK but just don’t label this cash junk to be SW canon then. In short, I found myself in front of a movie that is more "star wars new formula 2.0" than a true sequel to the original work. Frankly I would have thought to be 100 times more disappointed but that is not the extreme enjoyment. Again, it's not that it is a bad movie. Jurassic World is a far more terrible reboot (just watch the teaser and the movie is broadly done). The only thing I would say that the awakening appeals the most to the new generation (precisely the public targeted by the Disney company) than former fans. No sir! This is the first time in my life I'm not looking forward to the upcoming Star Wars ... who would have thought? Now, I feel like Qui-Gon Jinn in SW II calling Anakin to stop the sands men annihilation. This awakening is tiresome and fails to deliver a tour de force performance.

And yet, I did watch it twice only to be twice deceived… SW VII is a good distracting sci-fi & popcorn experience but not a decent SW movie. It is closer to a caricature than a true sequel. What is needed is a return to the almost spiritual way of the force with more insights like in episode V when Yoda made his teachings.

“I dreamed a dream. And then I woke up. And the awakening killed the dream.” 

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